Showcasing Aesop Canberra retail store; true colour at its finest


Lights & Tracks were thrilled with the opportunity to collaborate with Aesop for the Canberra retail lighting project. 

Designed by CK Internal Aesop Design with lighting brought to life by the team at Lights & Tracks, this store shows the true possibilities of lighting with its dramatic colourings and true light achieved.


Architect CK Internal Aesop Design

Completion 2018

Photography Images courtesy of Aesop

Illumination highlights supplied by Lights & Tracks

This signature store required that the lighting integrate seamlessly into the palette, leaving the product to be the hero showcased in true natural colour.

Highlights include fully recessed adjustable low glare spotlights, custom coloured to seamlessly blend into the environment and design.

Credit must be given to CK Internal Aesop Design for showcasing the unlimited possibilities of light.